Gami vision:

Gami Group aims to become a leading multi-functional economic organization in the market of its choice, with the dedication of employee’s “Goodwill - Responsibility – Creativity - Integrity" to create a dynamic learning environment that members can realize their material and spiritual dreams via the satisfaction of customers, partners and investors; to build a sustainable organization and contribute to the development of national economy.

Core values:

 Goodwill - Responsibility – Creativity - Integrity

Key mission:

 Gami wishes to contribute to improve people's lives with the principle "Houses and cars for every family in Vietnam"

Future direction:

 - Mission Impossible: To become a multi-functional economic organization in Vietnam

- 1-2-5 Goal: 01 billion USD of assets, 02 billion USD revenue and 5000 staff in 2018.

- Philosophy: “Goodwill is a valuable asset and it is the only one that cannot be taken over or defeated by competition”.