The typical events of Gami Group 2014

2014 closed with much volatile of the world economy. In Vietnam, in 2014 the economic picture to emerge with many shades of light and dark. GDP growth was passable, the bad debt and foreign debt continues to rise. In this context, Gami business activity in the market are with positive changes.

Let 's review the typical facts in activities of Gami in 2014 :


Conference S123 in 2014 :

On 01/04/2014, Gami Group Executive Board held S123-2014 coference . Conference to evaluate the operating results of the Corporation in 2013 and launched the strategy, assign business plan in 2014 for the unit . This is an annual strategy conference of Gami Group Executive Board. Speaking at the conference , President Executive Gami require each employee to " tear down the old working habits , trying itself with every page has accumulated over 20 years, developing the capabilities of each individual achieve the highest efficiency " , put Gami continue firmly on the path of implementing its goals .


HDH extension Conference

On 25.07.2014, the Conference of Gami Group HDH expansion was held at Red River Resort - Vinh Yen City , Vinh Phuc province . The conference was attended by delegates as leaders , managers of corporations . The meeting to review the results of the business units within the first 6 months and discuss adjusted business plan in the last 6 months


Same day team building program with the theme " connect creates strength " was also held . By the team activities , fun games and a refreshing laughter , the Gamians experience many lessons about self-discovery , unity, cohesion in the work to create success .


Opening KIA Cau Dien

 On 08/21/2014 , Cau Dien KIA officially opened. Add a new choice for customers and new brand in the cars business agent system of Gami Trading . The ceremony was attended by leaders of the Pacific Kia , Gami Group, THACO Group and more than 200 guests who are partners , customers and press agencies .

Gami Trading organizes to launch new car models

In 2014, companies under Gami Trading widely organized programs to launch new car models at their showrooms.

Starting for this event serial, on 30th may 2014, An Do dealer collaborated with Ford Vietnam to organize the launch of Ford Ecosport 2014 at Ando Ford showroom - CT3 building – Lot C1 – Xuan Dinh – Pham Van Dong Road – Tu Liem - Hanoi.

On 10th June 2014, An Du dealer organized the launch of Mescedes CLA at the showroom located at 11 Pham Hung Road, Hanoi with an animated but cosy atmosphere.

On 1/11 An Du Agent corporated with Mercedes Vietnam to organize the launching of  2015 C-Class car at Marriot Hotel, Hanoi with 3 versions of the C 200, C 250 Exclusive and C 250 AMG. A week later, at Showroom 11 Pham Hung, An Du launched GLA 45 AMG..

Franchising Swensen’s The Pizza Company

From 30/08/2014, Gami officially franchised two fast food chains in Vietnam, namely The Pizza Company and Swensen's to VI Group. This is a new step of Gami in the strategy to focus more on core business activities in the present moment, which are automobile and real estate to meet the slogan "houses and cars for every family in Vietnam".

Avis Vietnam ranked 2nd place in Asia in terms of growth rate

From May 10 - 14/11 Avis Vietnam’s Board of Directors attended the meeting Avis Asia Pacific, which was held in Phuket Thailand.

This is an annual conference to review the operations of the Avis system throughout the region. This year, Avis Vietnam attended the conference to learn experience in management and business strategy for car rental from fellow countries. At the same time, members of Avis Vietnam also participated in many team-building activities in Avis Asia Community.

The conference summed up the growth of the Asian Avis in the pẻiod 2012-2014. Avis Vietnam recorded growth reached No. 2 after Avis Taiwan, with a fleet tripled and revenues increased 230%.

An Du won Trusted Brand 2014

An Du Autohaus is the sole dealer of Mercedes-Benz Vietnam, which was honored to receive certification of “Trusted brand in 2014”. This prestigious award was voted by 11,000 enterprises in Vietnam. The program is organized by InterConformity in Vietnam and Global GTA.

 Gami Trade increases Marketing and Customer Activities:

In 2014, Gami Trade imcreased the organization of Marketing and Customer activities to bring the company’s image closer to consumers. Some typical activities are: Escosport Driving Trial of AnDo, Mirage Festival of An Dan, Kia Rondo Driving Trial of An Hung, activities with Mercedes Vietnam of An Du.

Gami Real Estate completed 70% of the annual plan

In 2014, the real estate market faced many difficult challenges. By the second half of 2014, with many government policies, Gami Real Estate showed positive changes. Some work at some convenient location has been restarted and showed good business. Some projects were completed and began selling apartments…They are:

On 5/2014, Vietnam Tri FBS handed over Vietnamese Cultural House. Central FBS began the construction of villas under Ecorio Project, Thuy Tu.

In July, FBS Phu Yen began the raw building 5-building branch of Phu Yen

Also in July, the Central FBS constructed drainage system and pile-boring for Ecorio, Thuy Tu.

In October, FBS Central constructed ground-grading for  N02 and the reinforcement steel frame of 06 Nha Pho.

In December, FBS Central conducted  tree planting, concrete foundations and brick foundation for Ecorio Thuy Tu

In December, the construction of Thuy Tu Pagoda was started.

Strong cultural activities

In 2014, in addition to the outstanding business activities, Gami always focused on the development of cultural activities aimed at building a strong Gami family in which each member of the family really stick, unity, goodwill and sincerity in the annual activity. In the past year Gami still hold annual activities: going to church early, community days, team building activities and activities to celebrate the 21 year anniversary of its establishment. The cultural activities of Gami sharply increase in recent years has created an intangible value in no small success in business Gami.

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