Speech of Chairman of Gami Group at the 2009 Year-end Ceremony

My desire is the same with yours, that is when Gami is 15, 20, 25 years old, we will reach our group’s set target, that is to grow up along with the country’s future development...

Dear distinguished guests,

Dear all beloved colleagues,

Closing the year 2009, we have achieved good results with both turnover & profits over expected. Standing here today it now appeared clearly in my mind the images of, sales, technical, service staffs who never mind difficulties working in far provinces & facing challenges during the past whole year. Many late afternoons accounting, marketing, customer care staffs are as busy as a bee, etc. Day after day admin staffs diligently take care of the work; cooks & drivers work dedicatedly; every night security guards & administers of the company’s offices silently & responsibly guard over the office buildings. These very factors have resulted in our today’s achievements. On behalf of Board of Executives express my deep gratitude to all of you.

Gami Group's Chairman delivered speech at the Ceremony

From now to the year 2013, as Gami is 20 years old, we will develop Gami Trade & Gami Land systems in profound scale to get higher market shares, simultaneously strongly deploy Gami Franchise through cooperation with the world’s big brand names in such fields: car rental, fast-food, hotels & training. Our success can only be attained by attaching special importance to quality & customer care service. It is then believed that Gami can realize its mission to bring highest satisfaction to customers by high-quality products, thorough services, by that way it can bring prosperity to the society. I believe Gami will reach the set targets by our determination & responsibility today.

I think that responsibility of a director is reflected by business result of a company & that of a manager or a division/ department is measured by results of that division/ department. There isn’t any case in which a good director runs a weak business. This fact is also applied to every Gami member. And our responsibility in daily work is to do our tasks enduringly & diligently.

In work, every job is noble, like every role in a play. Therefore, we should devote our utmost talent & responsibility: that is to do the best our role as an organization or life places on your shoulders. As the same, there are thousand types of flowers in the nature, they bloom as the spring comes, making the world more diversified & beautiful. Each of us is like a flower in life. Only when you make your utmost ability & responsibility to do your work, your life then will be fully blossomed. That’s my very wish to all Gami members.

“Time is as fast as a flying arrow”, for me, it’s hard to imagine the day I was still in the University, now over 20 years have past. I have the feelings that not very long time a go I wished you happy Buffalo Year, it’s now December already. It is usually the busiest time of the year when every people rush to complete the last job of the year to prepare for celebration of the New Year with their relatives. My desire is the same with yours, that is when Gami is 15, 20, 25 years old, we will reach our group’s set target, that is to grow up along with the country’s future development. So today, in the pleasure of greeting New Year, I would like to extend my best wishes to all of you & your families, your relatives, wish you all a happy & prosperous new year. Wish you a rich, creative & diligent life so as to celebrate a new year with your fully blossomed flower life.

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