S3.2 Conference 2012- Resource staff activity

On June 29, Strategic human resources Conference S3.2 Gami Group in 2012 was held at the headquarters no 11 Pham Hung with the participation of the Executive Board, the Board of Devision, Directors  and human resources managers of units member...

At the S3.2 human resources conference this year, delegates heard reports on Human Resources in the first 6 months and focused discussions on issues: Training, resource staff development, 360-degree evaluation results, KPI results and Gami Group human resources activity. At the conference, participants discuss lively, contributing many ideas about the actual deployment process to finalize the personnel management.

In the context of the current difficult economic, human resource strategy should be adjusted consistently with the overall situation, to prepare for the next stage of development.  Accordingly, Gami human resources 2012 systems need: Concentrate resource leadership development. Each C2 level and up managers are required to have personal development plans. Continue to implement personal KPI programs aimed at achieving connects strategic goals between individuals and organizations and individual responsibilities associated with the job results. Established S3-2012 group responsible for reviewing, editting and personnel policies issueing; Regulation sanctions enterprise Culture; Labor regulations, and the exploitation and use of effective human resources management software.

Ending the conference, Chairman of the Executive Board of Gami requested the board of general director of the sectors in implementing the guidelines, often urging the deployment process in the unit to ensure the completion of the proposed goals.

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