S3.2 Conference

On June 24, S3.2 conference was held at the conference hall at the 7th floor, head quarter 11 Pham Hung. Attending the meeting were 60 delegates from C3 to C5 management of all member companies throughout the Group. Gami S3.2 Conference is held annually around June each year. At the conference, delegates will together focus on discussing the focus issues of personel strategy on system-wide.

The first contents were mentioned in this conference is to assess the individual KPI, unit and 360 leaders rated program. Representatives of devisions, unit presented the shortcomings and actual obstacles in the process of developing and implementing KPI, from which the Conference was to discuss and provide recommendations and suitable solutions. Conclusion to this content, the Chairman of executive board confirmed "KPI is required in governance, enhance professional skills of leadership and middle management, not only help management activities a qualitative but also operating on specific metrics. Besides, KPI also means a more accurate assessment than team of his staff. We are determined to manage KPI to each individual to enhance expertise, creating discipline and improve work efficiency. "


In the afternoon session, the meeting discussed the oriented establishment of organizing staff committee; Organizing staff committee functions and duties to perform the personnel operations and work independently primarily in membership companies. This will be the next step in the development of the Group. Besides, the meeting also considered the application of personel policies, put personel policies into practical activities to achieve greater efficiency, as a basis to develop strong team.

The meeting also proposed an acting plan program, to focus on building knowledge base of the system. How the knowledge during the learning is applied in practice, improve work efficiency from management to individual employees in particular, improving the efficiency of human resources towards the development in future of the Group in general.

At the S3.2 meeting this time, many facts were shared on the standardization of personnel work management in the sectors and units, to offer timely and specific remedies. At the end of the meeting, Chairman of Executive Board, concluded: "The leader team take sometime to consolidate, build staff both in knowledge and numbers. When we have enough skills, enough manpower, we will overcome all difficulties and come to succeed. "

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