S123 Conference 2015

In the morning of Jan 24, 2015, Gami Group Executive Board held a strategy conference S123  in 2014 at 7th floor, 11 Pham Hung, Hanoi. The conference reviewed the production and business activities in 2014 and sets out the criteria and commitments in 2015

Attending the meeting was Chairman of the Board of Management Gami Group, Gami Group Board of Directors, General Director, Director of the Division / Unit and unit managers under Gami.

Opening the meeting the General Director of Gami Trade has a speech summarizing the activities of Gami commercial business in 2014 and strategic business development in 2015. In the speech, She confirmed in 2014 Vietnam's economic situation has much changed, Gami Trade has grown and still maintain market share. After the speech, the General Director, Director of Gami Trade confirmed and committed sales goals and strategies developed in 2015 before the entire Conference.

Following the General Director of the financial and business development company FBS also had speech on production and business activities of FBS in 2014 and strategy in 2015. He said in 2014 FBS also solves many backlog of projects and started moving signs along with many new decisive policy. He also expected, in 2015, FBS will have much more changes to improve business performance.

To summarize, the commitment to complete the business targets of blocks / unit Gami Group general director stated about "business strategy" of Gami Group in 2015. She said in 2015 we must tighten team contingent, recalibration of policies to achieve all given business objectives.

Join a speech at the conference also include presentations on "Change of policy in 2015," the deputy general director of Gami Group and presentation on Finance

Summing up the meeting, Chairman of the Executive of Gami Group stressed the need to build the culture of discipline from leadership to management and staff in 2015. Relentless eliminate bad habits that delay corporate structure. Forget the difficulties of the old year, tightened team, build a culture of discipline uplifting voluntarily to make a breakthrough in business activities in 2015.

End Conference, the Executive Council and the Board of Directors confirmed once again its determination to build a spirit Gami: Discipline people - Disciplinary thinking –Discipline action in 2015.

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