Preliminary conference for the first quarter 2015 of Gami Group

In the morning of Aug 04, 2015, Gami Group Executive Board held a preliminary conference for the first quarter 2015  CEO / Director / Head of Devision Business / unit presenting production and business activities results and plans for second quarter 2015 deployment

In the first quarter of 2015, the situation of the automotive business in Vietnam has had strong growth, along with the growth of Gami trade. In the first 3 months, Gami trade completed 122% and 136% of revenue compared with the given vehicle sales plan. Business activities of the first quarter have obtained positive results from the units.

The clear signs of recovery of the macro-economic indicators in the country, with good signs in the business of the units in the first 3 months will be favorable precondition for the achievement of growth targets for the first 6 months of the Corporation.

Not only trade devision, real estate devisison have also started their signs. In the first quarter, Gami Real estate focused projects in Viet Tri, Gia Lai, focused on building projects Thuy Tu, Phu Yen and applying for new projects

Based on first quarter performance and proposed by Sector / Unit for the second quarter of 2014, the Executive Board has decided to reward units/individuals who fulfill the plan better.

The conclusion at the conference, Chairman of the Executive Council has directed the work to be done next as follows:

- Screening and hiring additional suitable personnel to manage projects, prioritizing middle management positions for business and workshop.
- Training and re-training of managerial skills, professional knowledge.
- Maintain and develop strong cohesion staff Culture

Hopefully with the spirit of Consensus and best effort of Gami staff, in second quarter of 2015 the Sector / Unit will achieve and exceed targets set by Gami management.

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