Mercedes agent released Mercedes C-Class 2015

Mercedes agent deployed the program introducing the C-Class 2015 in Marriott hotlel on November 1st. The program took place successfully with 39 signed contracts.

C-Class the fith generation (W205) is considered as the “litte S-Class” of Mercedes-Benz with 3 versions including C 200, C 250 Exclusive and C 250 AMG. Mercedes-Benz continues applying the simplifying design for luxury sophistication in this product. This can be seen most obviously in S-Class and the interiors of C-Class.

C-Class has total new and strange appreance, equipped with several smart devices which have been in Vietnam for very first time. Especially, its cost is not significantly higher than that of older version. All above features have made C-Class formidable to same segment rivals.

C-Class new generation has 3 versions and 7 exterior colors, all of which are distributed in Vietnam market.The price of 3 versions C 200, C 250 Exclusive and C 250 AMG are 1.389 billion, 1.559 billion and 1.669 billion respectively (included VAT tax). The first delivery will start at January 2015.

With 39 contracts signed rightly at the introduction, C-Class 2015 promisingly becomes an interesting product line which Mercedes agent brings to customers

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