Major events of Gami Group in 2014

The year 2014 has closed with a number changes in the world economy. In Vietnam, the economic picture emerges with many shades of light and dark colors. The GDP grew slightly while bad debts and external debt continued to increase. In that context, the Gami’s business on the market had several positive changes.

Here are some major events of Gami in 2014:

S123-2014 Conference

On January 4, 2014, Gami Group’s executive board organized  the S123-2014 conference. The purpose of this conference was to assess the group’s activities in 2013 and to condtuct  the strategic plan ,  2014 business’s target for companies. In the conference, the chief executive officers asked each staff to “change the old working practices, try to work independently with experiences gained through a period of 20 years, to develop the capabilities of individuals to work more efficiently”, help Gami develop stably on the road of achieving a  goals.

HDH Open Conference

On July 25, 2014, HDH Open Conference of Gami Group was held at Red River Resort, Vinh Yen city, Vinh Phuc province. Attendatns of  this conference were the leaders and manager of the group. In the conference, a summary of business activities of companies on the first half of year was made and the business plans of the second half of year was adjusted.

On the same day, Team building program having a  topic “Connecting to create power” was organized. Through team works, fun game and cheery laughter, the Gamians had learned a lot of lesson about self-discovery, solidarity in work to create success.

Opening of KIA Cau Dien On August 21, 2014, the KIA Cau Dien was officially opened, adding a new choice for customers and a new brand name of Gami Trade’s chain of auto showrooms. Attendants  the ceremony were the leaders of Pacific Kia, Gami Group, THACO Group and more than 200 guests and partners, customers and press agencies.

Gami Trade introducing new car models

In 2014, Gami Trade’s companies had organized many events to introduce new car models in showrooms.

To open this even sequence, on May 30, 2014, An Do dealer, collaborating with Ford Vietnam, held  “The ceremony introducing 2014 Ford Ecosport” at Ando Ford Showroom, CT2 Building, C1 Block, Xuan Dinh, Pham Van Dong Street, Tu Liem, Hanoi.

On June 10, 2013, An Du Dealer  organized the ceremony on introducing Mescedes CLA at showroom 11 Pham Hung, Hanoi in eventful but warm atmosphere.

On November 1 at Marriot Hotel, Hanoi, An Du dealer, collaborating with Mercedes Vietnam, organized an event to introduce C-Class 2015 Model with three versions C 200, C 250 Exclusive and C 250 AMG. One week later, in showroom 11, Pham Hung An Du held an event to introduce brand GLA 45 AMG.

Also in November, An Dan dealer introduced the Mitsubishi Attrage in company’s showroom at 583 Nguyen Van Cu, Hanoi.

Transferring of Swensen’s The Pizza Company brands

From August 30, 2014, the Gami officially transferred authority on two fast food chains ,” The Pizza Company: and Swensen’s to its partners – VI Group. This was a new strategic to move on focusing more on main business which was auto and real estate, following the motto “Houses and cars for every family in Vietnam.”

Avis Vietnam’s growth rate ranked on  2nd place across Asia

From August 10 to 14, Board of Directors of Avis Vietnam attended on the meeting organized by Avis Pacific-Asia regional conference held in Phuket, Thailand.

This annual conference’s purpose is to summary the business activities of Avis systems across the region. This year, Avis Vietnam attended with the goals to exchange and learn managerment’s experiences, car rental business strategies from other countries. At the same time, members of Avis Vietnam also participated in many activities aiming to  strengtheng the relationship among Asia Avis members.

The conference reported the growth rate of Avis Asia in the 2012-2014 period. Avis Vietnam was recorded to 2nd rank, following Avis Taiwan. The number of car groups was treble and sales increased by 230%.

An Du winning the Trusted Brand 2014

The An Du Autohaus was the only Mescedes-Benz Vietnam Dealer honored with an award for “Trusted Brand 2014”. This is one of the most prestigious awards that are voted by 11,000 Vietnam enterprise. This award was given by Inter Conformity organization in Vietnam and GlobalGTA.

Gami Trade strengthening the organization of activities on marketing and customer service

In 2014, the Gami Trade strengthened the organization of activities on marketing and customer service. Some of notable events were “Escosport test-driving” of An Do, “Mirage Festival” of An Dan, “Kia Rondo test-driving” of An Hung, “With Mercedes Vietnam” series events of An Du.

Gami Real Estate completing 70% of year’s plan

In 2014, the property market faced many challenges. By the second half of 2014, with many government’s policies, the Gami Real Estate began to change. Some work in favorable location had been restarted and operated well. Some project had been completed and moved to the handover stage. Some typical projects:

- In May, 2014, FBS Viet Tri handed over Viet Tri house of culture. FBS Central launched groundbreaking for villa of Ecorio project, Thuy Tu.

- In July, FBS Phu Yen commenced the construction of five raw house in Phu Yen branch.

- Also in July, FBS Central constructed the drainage system and completed the  pile joint of houses in Ecorio project, Thuy Tu,

- In October, FBS Central evened the road N02 and processed steel rod and chasing for six townhouses.

- In December, FBS Central planted trees in the roads and concreted columns and built the foundation for three house in Ecorio project, Thuy Tu.

- In December, commencing Thuy Tu Temple’s construction.

Increased cultural activities

In 2014, in addition to the prominent business, the Gami also paid attention on cultural activities to make Gami a big family in which member felt the solidarity, goodwill and sincerity by a series of annual activities. In the past year, the Gami still held a lot of annual activities such as: going to the temple, pagoda at the beginning of year, community days, team building activities and other activities on the occasion of 21st anniversary. All those cultural activities of Gami had created an intangible but significant value that devoted to the Gami’s success on business.


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