Gami staff enthusiastically participate in English refresher training program

To begin with campaigning to launch a drastical cultural revolution by rekindling a fire of passion within each Gami staff member, on May 8, at the Company’s Headquarters, Gami initiated an English teaching program for the staff with the holding of input examinations for class placement. The program received the enthusiastic participation of about 40 staff members from companies in the Group.

To make class placement appropriate with each trainee group, Gami staff members had to sit for two examinations: Written Exam (Grammar Test) and Spoken Exam (foreign teacher-interviewer). Attending at the examinations were the representatives of the leadership, staff members - from those who belonging to the group of “predeccessors” who appeared to have “ignored” the English language, which was so obstinate and insisted not understanding them to those who of the later generations always full of the fighting spirit.  All were in a fluttering, joyful mood as if they had been learning at school… At 9 o’clock sharp, the whole meeting room on the 6th floor crowded with people. According to the initial list, merely 15 were Gami Company’s staff members but when the examinations were about to commence, group by group of staff members from member companies arrived and sat spreadingly outside the door to wait for their turns…


The staff in large numbers were eager to take the exams.

The teacher was an Australian, the incumbent vice rector of a private school in Hanoi. To begin with the exams, the teacher had a greetings item and introduced to the entire class the wish of the

Master Mind, i.e. to support and assist trainees in feeling more self-confident when using this second language and he would help them be more successful at work. While waiting for their turns to be interviewed, Gami staff discussed, brushed up, exchanged their knowledge and shared their experiences in the communicative situations in English with foreigners they had in reality.

Oral Exam

If the Written Exam was designed in the form of grammatical tests and communicative situations in English in daily business activities, then at the Oral Exam, candidates had to answer the work-related questions and exchange the basic information about their personal backgrounds, hobbies, passions and aspirations. This was an input test but also served as premise for giving staff an opportunity to practice and revise their communicative ability in English. All the staff members participated shared the same comment: this program was really useful not only at work but also gave each one some more interesting  time relaxing, exchanging, learning together with their friends, colleagues and surrounding people.

After the exams and class placement results were announced, learning program would be established with the contents suitable for the work, aspirations of the staff and the organization as well. It was expected that the first class would commence at 9 a.m., Saturday, 15/5/2010 on the 6th floor, Building 11 Pham Hung. The management board of the class welcomed the staff members who came and enrolled.

With the curriculum specifically designed to response to the aspirations Gami’s own culture, together with the enthusiastic participation of staff members, it is hoped that in the near future, Gami will be an organization where English is commonly used by the staff.

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