Gami’s Board of Managing meeting on September 2009

On the 13th October 2009, the monthly meeting of Gami’s Board of Managing was held at the office of Gami Group, No. 11 – Pham Hung Road, Tu Liem, Hanoi. The meeting was held to check September business operations of Gami Land & Gami Trade Corporations. Mr.Nam – Chairman, leaders & members of Board of Managing attended the meeting.

Gamiland & Gami Trade Corporation were commended for exceeding

set target in Sep 2009

In September, Gami Trade Corporation has sold out 342 cars (139% monthly plan); 2,484 cars came for workshop, accounting for 12% market share of Mercedes Benz, GM Daewoo, Mitsubishi & Ford. In real estate, in spite of challenging situation, Gami Land Corporation has gained noticable results, including: selling 14 houses in Sep (108% monthly plan); successfully issuing 300,000 bonds for Tay Quoc Oai project with total value of 300 million VND, equivalent to 1 million VND/ 1 bond within the 3-year period, etc.

With such outstanding results, the 2 Corporations have been commended for exceeding set target in September 2009. In order to successfully complete target plan of the last 3 months of 2009, the 2 Corporations should take such actions: Gami Trade Corporation push up sales promotion campaigns, workshop services, improve professional skills for staffs; Gami Land Corporation speed up implementation of the ongoing projects & focus on carrying out solutions to promote sales in some branches, etc.

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