Gami’s 16th birthday party – New, Exciting & Unique

On 24th October, Gami’s 16th birthday was held in 7th-floor meeting hall, Head office of Gami Group. This year, there were more than 200 associates from all member companies took part in the birthday party.

On 24th October, Gami’s 16th birthday was held in 7th-floor meeting hall, Head office of Gami Group. This year, there were more than 200 associates from all member companies taking part in the birthday party.

More than 200 Gami associates gathered at the birthday party

After 16 years of development, Gami Group has established & confirmed its prestige & brand name in the market with Vietnam’s leading automobiles dealers & pioneers in real estate investment in many provinces & cities. Gami has good personnel, doing business all over the country to bring dreams of houses & cars for every Vietnamese family. Gami is now like a house which has been narrow after 16 years of establishment & development, Gami has redesigned & restructured the system with the opening of Franchise Corporation, re-arranging human resource organization, strengthening training activities, etc. Gami’s 16th birthday marks a new start to reach substantial & harmonious development & bring happiness to all Gami’s associates, as well as making contribution to the well-being of the country.

Gami’s birthday has been always a memorable event to every Gami member & they all look forward to this event with exciting & cheerful spirit. All associates have been trying their best efforts to make achievements on this occasion. Despite being busy with making business achievements, member companies have prepared & shown the beautiful music performance on this birthday. Especially, the students from College of Economics – Vietnam National University also performed an interesting song with professional performance, which made the birthday more exciting.


Impressive "Khuc hat con co" of An Du Company

FBS & Gami Group Head Office with Thai Binh folk song

Trung Son Company with professional performance

The song "Got hong" of the students from College of Economics - Vietnam National University

Delivering speech at the birthday, Mr. Chủ Tịch HĐQT Gami Group – Chairman of Board of Management of Gami said: “9 months of 2009 alone, with outstanding efforts, member companies all over the Group have exceeded business target of the whole year. Apart from existing business fields, during the last 2 years, Gami have concentrated on making research, developing manpower, expanding investment scale & established one more field in its business operation. That is Franchise Corporation, which include worldwide leading brand names such as AVIS Vietnam, hotel & fast food chains. This is a new & important trend in Gami’s business operation for the next 10 years. Together with Gamiland & Gami Trade Corporations, it’s believed that Gami Group will increasingly develop & gain big achievements in both international & domestic markets. There have been a variety of world’s leading partners & investors who highly evaluate Gami Group & wish to cooperate with Gami.

Introducing new structure of Gami Group & cut Gami's birthday cake

The age of 16 marks the grown-up of a person & also of an organization with new missions & responsibilities. The achievements that Gami have gained also go with the worries ahead, as our today victories will make us get success in the future only if we strive more & more. Every one born with his own fate, and as well as a human being, Gami also has its own fate for existence. Gami’s today success mainly resulted from the great efforts of each member in Gami family. Especially, Gami logo with blue & red colors showing the harmony, solidarity & unity of a group helps to ensure sustainability of an organization.”

The speech of Mr. Nguyen Tien dung has showed big contributions & strong attachments of each Gami member, all strive their best for the development of Gami Group.


At the party, Gami’s new structure including 3 branches: Gami Land, Gami Trade & Gami Franchise was introduced according to a symphony orchestra style. This is an important part of the birthday & considered to be the most unique performance of the program. Taking idea from arrangements & organization of a symphony orchestra, it’s believed that all Gami members will overcome any difficulties to get highest success, creating an imposing music called Gami epic. When the song starts with the guidance of the talented bandmaster – Mr. Chủ Tịch HĐQT Gami Group, together with other artists of Gami orchestra, all attendances together sing the Gami song.

The orchestra play Gami song under the direction of the Bandmaster - Mr. Chủ Tịch HĐQT Gami Group

After the birthday party, the swagger stick of the Bandmaster was auctioned to collect money for Gami Scholarship Fund. Finally, total amount of the auction is nearly 60 million VND. This sum of money will be used to award children of Gami associates & those students who have good results in studying as an encouragement for them to study well, making contribution to build the country.

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