Gami Institute for Research and Management Training with program Mini MBA

The most successful enterprises of 21st century are those who build their foundation on teaching model. In the economy that intellectuality is the core, modern enterprises are following the model which focuses on knowledge. Learning ability becomes basic capability of the enterprise and a source of advantages for competing.

As Peter Drucker said, the most long-run competitive advantage of an enterprise is to have quicker learning capability than its rivalry.

Therefore, knowledge has become a valuable property of the corporation. Vietnam is on the phase of strong international integration. However, the leadership and management of the enterprise have been lacking of a lot of knowledge on administration, market economy and international business. The issues of Vietnam society now are the need of training or retraning its leadership and management group, and the need of researches and scientific innovation of management of the country as well.

Recognizing the problem, GAMI has invested a lot on training its staff for many years. It desires to raise the knowledge of all Gami members so that they can contribute actively for its sustainable development. To enhance the capability, professionalism and quality of training activities, the Centre of Training Gami, belonging to GAMI Group, developed into Gami Institute for Research and Management Training (GAMI Institute) with 3 main tasks:

- Study and develop the combination of theories in modern Western administration and conceptions in Eastern one, offer applications in reality of administrating the corporation

- Train, provide knowledge and experience, and enhance capability of management staff and leadership of units.

- Cooperate with outside partners to study, develop and supply services of consultant and training.

Right at the beginning, GAMI Institute was founded with core value of “passion – quality – serving” and key commission of “Providing excellent managers, leadership and system of theories for administration that is suitable for Vietnam”. GAMI Institute promises to contribute in the development of Gami in particular and Vietnam social-economy in general.

GAMI Institute was founded with the strategic target of becoming an institute of research and development, leading in training and supplying service of consultant for Vietnam in 2022. Thanks to the enthusiastic instruction of the Institute Director right at the beginning, GAMI Institute built up short and long-term training programs for either Gami Group or outside corporations. The general approach and measurements are highly realistic. Learners are the centre so that they can improve their positiveness, activeness, creation and ability of practicing and applying in reality. Programs of GAMI Institute really brings great effectiveness to learners.

Mini MBA is one of the highest appraised programs of GAMI Institute. The group of teachers consists of high-level leaders of Gami and some excellent lecturers from Department of Business Administration, University of Economics. The difference is that Mini MBA has a definitely higher practicality than other “public” courses of Business Administration. Each lesson concludes two parts. Theories are taught by experienced lecturers from Department of Business Administration, University of Economics and internal trainers. GAMI leaders are responsible for practicing part, in which they would hold discussions on practical management situations at the Corporation. It often takes at least 60% the amount of time for sharing experiences and discussions in each training content.

Training contents conclude exercises and case studies which emphasize the reality and enhance the discussion frequency between learners and teachers. This helps learners apply all skills and knowledge into their work. There are two types of case studies used in each course. The first type is conventional, prepared by teachers or that which is extracted from oversea materials (Harvard, etc.) The second type is “live” case study. At this type, in a discussion situation of GAMI, lecturers are responsible for theories, GAMI leaders (C5) takes responsibility of discussions with the assistance of lecturers.

After the first Mini MBA program went through 2 subjects of the course, GAMI Institute has received a lot of positive responds and some limitations mainly of the changed schedules from learners. GAMI Institute has tried to fix those limititations as soon as possible to ensure learners’ advantages so that Mini MBA program will achieve more greatful success once being in the market. With a strong determination, we are making great efforts for the first success of Mini MBA program.

Moreover, in 2010, GAMI Institute will implement the plan of renovating the 3rd floor of CT3 building into a professional training place. It will conclude a large amphitheater, a small classroom, two discussion rooms, library for teachers and academic affairs room, etc. with modern equipments. This will be an effective learning environment for the training programs of GAMI Institute.

GAMI Institute has energetic and enthusiastic staff, leading smartly by Management Board of the Institute and effective support from GAMI Management Board. It promisingly contributes so that GAMI becomes a large school supporting Gamians on their ways to glorious success. This will become a land of talented leaders with effective administration measurements serving for the development of Vietnam.

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