Gami Group towards the Central Vietnam brotherhood

Two big floods hit Central Vietnam provinces. The poor land struggled with hunger, houses torn apart and being isolated. People were starving while waiting for the water to go down. Hundreds of hands struggled, desperate eyes looked at their wiped – away villages, house and valuable assets, which they had saved for years.

With a tradition of solidarity, sympathy with the hearts, to share the loss of the Central people, Gami Group raised over VND 165 million in which Gami Group staff supported the amount of VND 75 million and Gami Group member companies contributed more than VND 90 million. On 03/11/2010 Gami Group staff delegation brought valuable gifts - hearts and love of Gami for the Central Vietnam people hoping to help them with their loss. The delegation led by Mr. Trinh Quoc Hien - Vice Director of Gami Group. Without being afraid of difficulties and hard work, the delegation determined to bring encouragement and small relief to people there. The delegation presented 500 gifts to four communes of Quang Trach district, Quang Binh province.

Gami staff took photograph with People Committee of Quang Hoa Commune 

Getting the relief from Gami Group, the people here were very moved and many people cried. Before sincere hearts of Gami Group, local authorities expressed sincere thanks to all Gami Group leaders and staff.

Mr. Trịnh Quốc Hiển presented presents to people Quảng Trường Commune 

Here is thank-you letter from the People's Committees, Fatherland Front Committee of Quang Hoa commune, Quang Trach district, Quang Binh province.

To: Group Gami 

On behalf of Quang Hoa commune, we acknowledge and express deep gratitude for Gami Group leaders and staff came to visit, encourage and share the losses and difficulties of people after recent historical floods. Also, with traditional morality, your organization presented people in the commune very practical gifts that were imbued with humanity in such misfortune time.

Along with the attention of Vietnam Communist Party and State, agencies and units, and benefactors, we will soon lead people to overcome difficulties and stabilize their lives, gradually build social development of all aspects to deserve the attention of the superiors and domestic and foreign units.

We would like to send our best wishes – good health, happiness and success to Gami Group leaders and staff.


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