GAMI GROUP S123 Conference in 2014

On Jan 04, 2014, Gami Group Executive Council held S123-2014. Conference to evaluate the operating results of the Corporation in 2013 and launched the strategy, assign business plan in 2014 for the Devisions


Overall in 2013, remains a difficult year in the business areas of Gami: Automotive Business prospered late with the growth rate of 19% compared to 2012; Real estate continues to freeze despite 30.000 billion support package launched by the government; Food business faced increasingly fierce competition from major brands from abroad to Vietnam

Although faced to the difficulties of the economy, the market, with unity, consensus and the efforts of Gami staff in increased sales, tight cost control in order to maintain and develop, we have achieved a certain success.

Gami Trade: the number of cars sold rose by 20.2%; net sales up 44%; EBITDA increased by 131% compared to 2012

GTM CEO presenting business strategies GTM in 2014

Gami Food: Opened two Pizza shops and one ice cream shop; Revenue rose 86%; number of employees increased by 17% compared to 2012

Operating Director of GF present GF business strategy 2014

Gami Real estate: Number of new products sold increased by 16% compared to 2012; system was stable.

GML Block Director presented the business strategy GML Block 2014

Assuming the economy in 2014 will continue tough, business area of Gami also can not prosper, the Executive Board has given the operational model of Gami 2104 to enhance the effectiveness of the steering and better support for the activities of the unit. On the basis of a realistic assessment review activities and developing capabilities in the future, the Board has given a focus task in 2014 and assigned KPI targets to each unit or project.

Gami Group Executive Chairman presented speech

Speaking at the conference, Gami Group Executive Chairman requires each employee to break old working habits, try themself, with the accumulated baggage of over 20 years, developing the capabilities of each individual, achieve the highest efficiency, contribute to overcome present challenges and difficulties to continue contributing in completing the unit business plan, put Gami continue firmly on the path to implementing its goals

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