Emotional the meeting between Russian teachers & Vietnamese students

Fluttering, surprising, the happy tears fell down over faces of the grey hairs of over 3,000 Vietnamese students in the reunited day with their Russian teachers.


Fluttering, surprising, the happy tears fell down over faces of the grey hairs of over 3,000 Vietnamese students in the reunited day with their Russian teachers.

In the evening of 17th January, in the National Conventional Center in My Dinh (Hanoi), the meeting between 30 Russian teachers (Formerly Soviet Union) & more than 3,000 old students, representing for over 52,000 Vietnamese old students who used to study in the Soviet Union, was held. This meeting is a chance for the students to show their great gratitude to those teachers who have made huge contribution in training leaders for Vietnam in a variety of fields: government, intellectual, politics, military, education, arts, business, etc. All people who had studied in the Soviet Union have a wish to return to this Country of Birch.


As one of the excellent student of the students learning abroad in the course 1982-1983, Physics Department, Theoretical Physics, Belarus National University, Mr. Nguyen Tien Dzung – currently Chairman of Gami Group’s Board of Directors has a lot of profound memories about Russia Country. Not only succeeding in studying, scientific research, he has become a successful businessman, originating from his desire to come back to Vietnam & make contribution to Vietnam country at the time he was in Russia.

On this occasion, he has respectably invited his beloved teacher – Professor. Nikolai Shumeiko to take a visit to Vietnam & join the meeting program between The Soviet Union teachers & Vietnamese abroad-learning students. This is the forth time during the past 20 years since the return to Vietnam Mr. Dzung has invited his teacher to Vietnam & also an opportunity for both teacher & student to meet after years of far distance.

The unforgettable memories & deeply impressions of Professor Nikolai Shumeiko about this excellent student are the determination & passionate in studying & investigation that he possess. The teacher often tells about his student Nguyen Tien Dzung as “After university graduation, Dzung has devoted to his research to defend PHD thesis for theoretical physics at the very young age (23 years old) within just a year (while the regulated program is 3 years). Mr. Dzung is my most excellent & dearest student. Dzung has a decorum & glacial appearance, but I know, he is a sophisticated & sensitive man, with a heart full of kindness & enthusiasm. I’m very pleased & happy to see his success in business but still spending time on researching, writing & teaching".

In this trip to Vietnam, apart from attending the meeting program between the Russian teachers – Vietnamese students which was live broadcast on VTV, the Teacher & Student took a journey to visit some beauty spots in the Central of Vietnam. During this trip, hard to keep his deep feeling toward the beloved Teacher, Mr. Nguyen Tien Dzung confined: “Our teacher has taught me to be a man responsible to work & life. During the time I was his student, I made constant efforts to gain highest studying results, but my teacher had never praised me for such results, he was always strict to me, which made me try more & get more success. Acquiring this characteristic from my teacher, nowadays, when I have run my own business, I’m also strict to myself & my colleagues. To me, he is not only my beloved teacher but also a great friend who has been always beside me during the past 20 years".

Knowing Teacher Nikolai’s visit to Vietnam, many generations of his students have contacted to have a meeting with him. In this reunited day, after many years of distance, all teacher & students studying abroad shared the feeling of happiness, deep emotion as looking back to the old memories, they could not keep the tears.

Any party has its ending, seeing off the teacher to the airport, it seemed all of them could not say goodbye to be departed. Strangely, tens of years have gone by, the string of communication between teacher & students has not been broken but multiplied by the warm sentiment like Father & Sons.

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