Contemplating the pinnacle models at the “Mercedes Fascination Motorshow”

The “Mercedes Fascination Motorshow Week” started from 22nd May 2010 at Ha Noi Mercedes Showroom has attracted a large number of visitors who love these extremely hot models.

Visitors who are fans of Mercedes-Benz have contemplated & discover with their own eyes the state-of-the-art features of the most unique models, including: the Super sport car SLS AMG, the SL Night Edition. It’s also full of admiration at the showroom when the visitors have a look at the “Red Whirlwin” & “Young inspiration” with such models: SLK 200, GLK 4MATIC, C200 CGI

Following are some pictures at the showroom.


The most sought-after super sport car - SLS AMG



Visitors contemplate & discover with their own eyes the cars' outstanding features


Customers are looking at the SLK model of the "Red Whirlwind" collection



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