To compete with the giants

This book is compiled from the book "Up against the Wal-Mart"

• Author: Don Taylor and Jeanne Smalling Archer

• Translator: Gami Book

• Publisher: Statistics

• Year of Publication: 2004

• Number of pages: 400

• Size: 15x22 cm

• Price: 42,000 USD

Currently, the retail group has begun to concern the market sell off is quite new in Vietnam. When the supermarket opened, consumers have flocked to Vietnam to buy goods with unprecedented enthusiasm. And then, many small businesses began to face challenges, find ways to survive and grow.

"To compete with the giants" compiled from the book "Up against the Wal-Mart" covers issues presented in 12 chapters of the book can help small business owners Vietnam has new look more modern business. This is a book for all entrepreneurs, especially small business owners - step by step, each step can make effective business plan.

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