Closing Ceremony 2012 - Launching emulation celebrate 20 years of establishment of Gami Group

2012 has passed with many difficulties of the economy in general and Gami business and production activities of particular. On Feb 02, 2013, Gami Group celebrated closing ceremony 2012 at headquarter 11 Pham Hung with the participation of all the leaders and more than 300 employees together look back the efforts, results achieved in 2012 and determine what to do in 2013.

The year 2013 is considered important in the formation and development of Gami, the Executive Board has required each leader must be active – creative in job, transparency and integrity in the operating unit; each employee must adhere, solidarity, creativity and thorough implementing the assigned tasks

After the opening and the final report in 2012 by Gami Group Deputy CEO, Gami Group honored rewarded individuals, units who had performed well in production activities in 2012. Although 2012 has many difficulties but each employee are constantly striving to work, reward as recognition for their efforts


Typical group in 2012

Typical Individuals in 2012

Then, with the traditional "treat people as yourself," Gami union gave gifts for Gami employees with special difficult circumstances in "Gami for community", with the desire to share partly hard in the lives of the employees.


Giving gifts "Gami For community"

The Chairman of Gami have shared intimate words, recognize and honor the contributions of each staff in the past year. President confident with what we got, with the Gami spirit was forged in challenges for many years, with the enduring Gami team, side by side, Gami will strongly step forward, overcome any obstacles.

The Chairman wishes Gami team join together overcome difficulties, turn the dangerous marketplace into new business opportunities, bring Gami turns 20 year with outstanding growth and more stable.

On the occasion of Lunar New year nearby, the presidents also sent New Year greetings to all Gami employees.


Gami president share feelings

In 2013, Gami turns 20 year marks an important milestone in the development of the Group. Deputy chairman of Gami launched emulation program celebrates 20 years establishment of the corporations with many activities as production and business activities indicators completed, Emulation, innovative - Creativity - Thoroughly (DST) programe, Gami Idol, Gami Sports Festival, published Gami 20 years chronicles,…The entire conference was unanimously chanted watchword "Determined" spirit shown in the program response.


Gami Deputy Chairman launching Gami celebrating emulation 20th year anniversary

The Closing ceremony 2012 program ended left many feelings for each employee in the spring atmosphere flooding everywhere!,


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