20 years Birthday Celebration of Gami Group

On Oct 24, 2013, 20 years Birthday Celebration of Gami Group took place in Aquaria restaurant. The ceremony took place in a solemn and warm atmosphere with the presence of 180 guests and all officers and employees across Gami Group.

Opening the program is extremely impressed entertainment show by Chairman, Gami Group leadership and performance teams

After the distinctive and outstanding entertainment show is the movie about the last 20 years road undergone of Gami Group. The movie has caused much emotion and left a deep impression with the invited guests as well as Gamians.

In the solemn atmosphere of the celebrations, The Chairman of Gami Group has given flowers, tribute cup to 20 individuals - who had first contribute in the construction of Gami Group and the "stars" – are individuals working in Gami Group and has contributed to the development of the Group until today

After the honoring part is one of a very hot entertainment show by Gami girls in belly dancing.

An integral part of the celebration was the speech by the Chairman. With gentle and cozy words, the Chairman has reviewed the past 20-year journey of Gami Group and wish for everyone to be happy, peaceful, wish for Gami growing prosperity

The ceremony ended in a fun atmosphere of the rap song "We are the Gamian" and the wine glasses congratulate Gami Group birthday

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