- Full name: Gami Group

- The international transaction name: Gami Group

Gami stands for “Giàu có” (Wealthy) – “An toàn” (Safe) – “Mạnh mẽ” (Powerful) – “Ích lợi” (Useful).

Gamimeans the hope to contribute to the excellence of human life and to bring high benefits to society: houses and cars for every family in Vietnam; it also reflects the goal of building a prosperous sustainable organization based on its core values, impossible missions and continuously updated knowledge resources for new staff of all levels through the internal "Virtuous Teaching Cycle".

Gami’s logo is a Yin – Yang stylized image of two fishes: a red-eyed blue fish and a blue-eyed red fish. It represents the Yin and Yang harmony. Blue and Red colours reflect the harmony of parts in a unified organization. Red is in Blue and Blue is in Red. Blue represents the dynamic, creative, soft, and flexible. Red represents the tough, strong and discipline. All well up the solidarity of Gami staff towards the common goal of building an organization that maintains the core values, flexibility in business and promoting progress.