For an organization to exist and develop sustainably, in addition to the basic elements such as designing strategies and building operational budgets, the role of organizing human resource is indispensable. The higher added value of the enterprise, the greater the profit it gets. In order to have great value, it must be based on the quality and results of human resources.

Gami Group clearly defines the important role of human resources and has created the best conditions for workers based on the core values of the organization. Gami Group wants the employees to be always entitled to remuneration policy worthy of their work and achievements. Gami has devoted so many years in constructing and applying "HR Policy - Gami Group", which is a practical guideline in all activities and the bond between employees and organizations, to find the appropriate people. With the focus "Care staff to care customers", Gami has developed and implemented overall practical programs, such as:

-  Enhanced recruitment: not to miss the appropriate candidates

-  Integration program: to provide staff clear direction for the work and opportunities for promotion.

-  Complete training: training plans for each individual to develop staff resources.

-  Complete policies of remuneration and positive        salary as the motivation to improve operational efficiency and respect for contributions of Gami staff and the bond between individuals and organizations.

-  Develop a practical and appropriate Strong Culture program to balance between work and life, to reach an understanding and commitment to action.

- Evaluation program to ensure that each staff link performance and training process towards self-development.

"Appropriate people are the most valuable asset" is one of the important principles for sustainable success of Gami Group, we can definitely be proud that: Gami Group is one of the few private enterprises in Vietnam that have created a good environment to encourage the employees to have a strong attachment with the company; attracted high-quality labor resources; improved operational efficiency; created more promotion opportunities for staff to build win-win relationships between individuals and organization.