The early 90s period marked the initial success of some young Vietnamese entrepreneurs in Eastern Europe. There were two options: either to enjoy small achievements, or continue to search and seize the opportunities ahead. Gami Group chose the second path, i.e. shifting the commercial activities and finances back to Vietnam with the desire to contribute to the nation by linking its activities with the opportunities of the newly reformed economy.
In Vietnam, since 1995, Gami Group has developed under the mechanism of many member companies that have expanded rapidly in the fields of trading, real estate property, banking and finance and franchising.
Gami Trade is the authorized dealer for world famous car companies.
Gami Land focuses mainly on investment and infrastructure development of urban areas, tourism and industry. In the field of finance, Gami invested in banks and other non-bank financial institutions.
Gami Franchise cooperates with world-famous brands to execute business activities in Vietnam.