Strategic view of the head of Gami is to put the company up to excellent, and determine the best company must have great vision, long-term ambition and build a strong, unique, outstanding and sustainable culture.

Gami’s Strong Culture, which is built on the foundation of Yin and Yang theory associated with modern economic management thinking, has been practiced for nearly 20 years in Gami.

Strong culture is a unified whole, including two internal and external relationships interacting with each other.

Hard Internal means the maintenance of discipline, unity of views, thoughts and action and the standardized management of all production and business activities, from which to build a persistently implemented doctrine towards a clear orientation and continuous improvement (with ISO, Kaizen, 6 Sigma) to achieve the progress of the organization.

Soft Internal means the maintenance of relationships with customers and partners and the service system, excellent customer care and flexibility in behavior.

Gami strong culture penetrates the combination of Doctrine of Business Training (DBT), Operating System (OS), Virtuous Teaching Cycle (VTC) and Balanced Scorecard (BS) into a series of administrative and executive leadership actions to build a Teaching – Learning organization in the knowledge economy of the 21st century.

Festivals: It is impossible to talk about Gami’s cultural environment without mentioning activities, events and major festivals of Gami:

Tradition Day - 24 October: It is one of the most important annual festivals at Gami to celebrate the foundation of Gami Group. The festival usually has the following activities:

-  Gami Arts Festival with various activities such as Sao mai Gami; Gami Idol; Gami Dancing and Gami Master Chef.

-  Gami Sports Festival with Gami Football Cup, badminton, volleyball, table tennis and swimming competitions.

-  Competition movement with ISO Cup; CSI Cup; Excellent Salesman; Excellent Skilled Workers and Talented Leader.

-  Honouring outstanding individuals.

Gami Closing Ceremony: Gami’s year-end review program is usually held in early January of next calendar year. This is an exchange program, in which staff across the system meet and jointly evaluate production performance of the year and then unify the direction and commitment to the objectives of the following year. The program includes:

-   Annual Business closing ceremony

-   Gami Festival

-   Honouring outstanding units and individuals.

-   Signing the strategic targets for the following year

-   The contest for units of Gami. The theme of this competition will change each year.

Pagoda trip to pray for good luck is a unique Spiritual cultural activity of Gami. Annually in the spring, Gami leaders and the staff together offer incense ceremony to the temples to pray for a prosperous and blessed new year.

Learning forum is large-scale operation of the whole group. The forum is an exchange and meeting place of people across Gami. It also propagates policies and macro orientation to every staff. Training activities are organized in various and flexible forms: games, group activities.

Gami Summer Camp is a fun program for the entire Gami staff that takes place in July every year. Activities include:

-   Trips

-   Group games

Other cultural and sport activities:

-   Sports Competitions in spring – summer; summer – autumn; autumn – winter.

-   Tai chi, tai chi with swords, meditation, yoga and dancing.

-   Gami MC Search

-   Gami Best Singer

-   Gami Beauty Contest

-   Oratory Contest

-   Contests of composing poetry, songs, short stories, photography and presentation of art works.

-   Publications are a source of rich information of Gami and crystallize values and essence of human culture and spirit of each Gami member for the organization. Publications include:

-   Gami Group newsletter: Gami rhythm of life - the voice of the Gami people released twice monthly;

-   Weekly news broadcast on Monday morning; monthly documentary film of Gami's business activities and Gami Talk with the views of Gami people on current events inside and outside of the organization.

-   Books written about Gami: Gami 15 years, Gami 10 years, Strong Culture, Gami poetry, History of Gami.

-   Books edited and published by Gami: Modern Banking, Sword Philosophy, 13 strategies to compete in the marketplace, Re-established banks, Compete with giants, Vietnam Culture Common Sense, Strategic thinking.