We believe in a noble career of building a strong economic institution to contribute to the development of powerful Vietnam.

Organizational values: 

Gami's mission is to contribute to improvement of human life with its motto: "Houses and cars for every family in Vietnam."

To achieve this desire, it needs an environment of goodwill, trust, mutual respect, freedom to express, the highest sense of responsibility, learning opportunities, creativity and continuous commitment to honesty and integrity in work and life.

Leaders, managers and employees at all levels will accept these principles when they join Gami, and abide the following values of Gami:

* Goodwill to all Gami members, customers and partners and always remember that “Goodwill is a valuable asset and it is the only one that cannot be taken over or defeated by competition.”

* The highest responsibility for their jobs and individual behaviors. Always try to fulfill their duties.

* Be always creative at work and consider that is Gami’s lifestyle.

* Integrity in their work, in dealings with customers, partners and all Gami members