Established in 1993, Gami Group has been growing continuously to become a multi-industry business group with the slogan “House and Car for every family in Vietnam”. Currently, Gami Group operates in three main sectors namely Gami Trade, Gami Land & Gami Food.

Trading Performance

Revenue of Gami Group in 2009 exceeded 53% over target plan.


"Suitable human resource is the valuable asset" is one of the key principles of Gami's success. We are absolutely proud that Gami Group is one among few Vietnamese private enterprises that has created a good working environment that encourages employees to have a strong attachment to the Company.

Organization Structure

+ Gami Trade Corporation is mother company of An Dan Company, An Du Company, An Hung Company, Trung Son Company, and An Do Ford Company.

+ Gami Land Joint Stock Company includes the following affiliate companies: FBS Company with branches in Gia Lai, Thai Binh and Phu Yen provinces, Viet Tri City, FBSA (FBS Architecture), Gami Hoi An – GHP and Tai Phuc Company.

+ Gami Franchise Holding: An Hoa Phat Rental Car company Limited, An Minh Ice-cream Joint Stock Company, Pizza Ngon Company, An Hoa Japan Joint Stock Company and Dong A Hotel & Tourism Company.

Main products and services:

- Auto distribution and services

- Upper-class apartment buildings and urban development

- Value added services in real estate (such as office leasing, office services; trade and service centers; high-graded hotels; resorts; construction; architecture)

- Real estate and tourism investment

- Franchising

- Master franchise trading

Standard system

Gami has established ISO 9001:2000 system since 2004. At the end of 2007, Gami started to apply Kaizen and 6 Sigma. Thanks to the application of these quality management systems, Gami has significantly raised its professionalism and productiveness. Since the latter half of 2005, Gami Group has deployed ERP developed by Oracle in order to digitalize resource management processes and enhance competitive competence of the whole group. These systems help Gami Group to integrate into global economy.

Clients and Customers:

Gami’s clients and customers belong to five major groups, includes:

- State agencies,

- Domestic companies,

- International companies,

- Domestic individuals and overseas Vietnamese,

- Banks and financial institutions.


Our domestic partners are large commercial banking systems, securities companies, fund management companies, insurance companies, state agencies, state-owned enterprises and leading private enterprises.

Our international partners are from Asia, European, America such as Japan, China, Korea, Thailand, America, Russia, Germany, France, etc. Currently, Gami Group is dealer for the world’s famous auto brand names, including: Mercedes – Benz, Mitsubishi, GM Daewoo, Ford.